Companies today are constantly searching for ways to manage and control their print expenditure. The devices they use need to produce many valuable documents, and if they don’t work effectively, the impact to that business can be devastating. Gartner Inc * has identified up to 3% of revenue is spent on printing and that proactive management of print costs can save up to 30% of that expenditure.

LaserLife offers a pragmatic, cost-driven approach to Managed Print Solutions (MPS) that brings about sustainable results year after year. We deliver real savings, improvement in environmental sustainability, enhanced document security and increased employee productivity. Through the implementation of Managed Print Solutions, LaserLife can help you control the cost of your office document output. We can manage all of your printer fleet (printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners) regardless of manufacturer or model, together with the supplies, maintenance, support and training.

As a leader in delivering Managed Print Solutions, we help our clients optimise output across all print environments, including the office, centralised print shop and mailroom, virtual workplace and outside vendors. Managed Print Solutions allow you to print from anywhere to anywhere in a seamless way.

We can also help you reduce costs while supporting your security and environmental sustainability initiatives.

LaserLife will transform your office printing for better business results with a bespoke Managed Print Solution, designed for you and with you:

» Get a handle on the real costs of managing your
   printing environment
» See a significant reduction in your total printing costs
» Ensure productivity and cost savings are
   sustainable over time
» Right-size your printer fleet
» Replace large capital expenditures with a
   manageable, budgeted monthly expense
» Streamline your supplies, service and support
» Improve environmental sustainability by reducing
   your carbon footprint, energy consumption and solid
» Keep sensitive and valuable information safe through
   access control
» Ensure regulatory compliance by improving
   document security
» Resolve technical problems before they impact your
» Increase up-time
» Simplify management and accounting by having one
   vendor, one invoice for all equipment, service and
» Provides accurate information for budgeting
» Automate tasks such as toner replacement

*Cost-Cutting Initiatives for Office Printing
  Gartner Inc. July 2013