» No capital outlay

» No contract, rental or lease

» Toner at market rate

» No click charge

» Free delivery & installation

» Free call out, parts & labour

Pay only for the toner you need!

What are we offering?

The desktop Kyocera devices are a suitable replacement for almost all types of A4 laser printer.
The toner cartridges utilised in the Kyocera machines offer significantly higher page yields than most other laser printers providing you with exceptionally low running costs.
There is no capital outlay for the printers, in addition there are no rental, lease or click charges.
We will deliver and install completely free of charge and there is also no requirement to relinquish your existing equipment. All engineer call outs, labour, parts and consumable parts are free of charge including fusers and transfer kits.

There will never be any additional expense to run and maintain these devices outside of the toner cartridges

How does it work?

The stipulations are that you order a set of toner cartridges with each device (these of course are required anyway in order to use it).
The price of the toner is at market rate at a price agreed when you first order the printer/s. All additional toner needs must be supplied by us. You do not have to order full sets of toner and at any given time can order single units based on what you require.
There is just a very basic set of terms and conditions, which states that the device belongs to us and that you can return the machine at any time with no termination costs. Click here to read our Terms and Conditions.
We are confident this will eliminate capital expenditure while at the same time upgrading your equipment with superior devices. It also gives you peace of mind as no maintenance charges or parts costs will be incurred.

We are confident that this will eliminate capital expenditure while allowing you to upgrade your equipment with superior devices. Giving you peace of mind with none of the maintenance charges or parts costs!
Cap-Ex Free by LaserLife

Options available

If you require something different, such as A3, please Contact Us for more options available.