Managed Print Solutions from LaserLife deliver a range of benefits and savings to our customers:

Cost Reduction

Not only will we show you how to reduce the costs over the life of a contract by choosing the right equipment and software but by analysing your existing structures, and implementing optimised processes, we can show you exactly what gains you have made and how we can help create further savings for you. Looking at the costs per page, user, device and workgroup and then continuing to provide you with regular reports once we have implemented our changes, we can monitor the true (and often hidden) costs of print management. We can also help with remote ongoing monitoring of toner usage to keep your machines stocked at the appropriate levels and running efficiently. Whether you wish to purchase, loan or lease the equipment, we have options to suit a wide range of client needs.

Enhanced Productivity

Let us find you the reliable solution that’s better suited to your company needs, and then to get you started and keep your document management systems running effectively, we offer a full range of installation, configuration, and ongoing help desk, training and technical support services. With faster workflows, document security and more efficient technology in place, your new document infrastructure can increase productivity and operate with significantly less interruptions.

Security and Compliance

The research collated in Ricoh’s 2010 Document Governance Survey stated that although European business leaders have shown a strong understanding and awareness of the need for document security, only 47% have a strict policy in place to control the printing of commercially sensitive information. There is also considerable duplication and inefficiency as a result of decentralised approaches to the management of document printing, which is bad for both productivity and sustainability. 68% of business leaders believe that an optimised print environment would lead to better security measures.

By controlling access at the printing device we can prevent inappropriate distribution of sensitive documents. Our monitoring systems and auditing capabilities mean you can be more confident about the security and compliance of your document infrastructure, and minimise waste.

Optimised Print Routing

Save money, paper and time with advanced print routing technology. Our Managed Print Solutions help you optimize your print flow to the most appropriate device based on specific requirements such as cost, finishing requirements, turnaround time and location. For example, when your employees click on the print button, they may receive a message recommending they print to a different printer nearby to save money.

Looking After the Environment

Implementing newer technologies such as high yield paper, solid ink and emulsion aggregate toner, and optimising your print operations, we can help reduce your impact on the environment by decreasing your energy and paper consumption, solid waste and CO2 emissions.

Mobile Support

We can help provide visibility, control and support to your employees working in the home, from remote locations or on a PDA. Integrated support services enable easy printing and optimal productivity while providing data security and safeguards for compliance. Universal print drivers provide remote workers easy access to printers when they need to work within the corporate offices.

Service Desk

We support all the devices in your print fleet wherever they are located with our nationwide highly trained, customer-focused support staff. Our engineers have in depth product, technical and troubleshooting knowledge and can anticipate problem areas and diagnose them quickly to help your organization solve problems before they become an emergency.

Talk to us about what you need – Let us find the best solution for you.

What we deliver

>  Desktop Printer Maintenance and Repairs                    > Managed Print Solutions
> Blended Fleets
> Expense Reduction Analysis

How we help you

> Achieve real reductions in operating costs
> Consolidate your printing devices and service & supply contracts
> Improve efficiencies & internal processes
> Develop a long term sustainable managed print strategy